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For over 36 years, Humperdinks Restaurant, Brewpub & Sports Bar has been serving the Metroplex area, offering Dallas' Best Burgers, award-winning microbrews, steaks, seafood, and more.  It doesn’t get much better than the four Humperdinks locations in the DFW area.  A Brewpub restaurant with bar specials every day, an excellent  sports bar and multiple big screens with the hottest games make Humperdinks the perfect place to wind down and enjoy award-winning beers while watching the big game.

Humperdinks' menu features the best in American cuisine, including Kobe Beef Burgers, BBQ Baby Back Ribs, Signature Pizza and Original Buffalo Hot Wings.  All four Humperdinks locations offer Dallas Best Burgers, Flame Grilled Rib Eye Steaks and Wild Caught Alaska Salmon, as well as craft beers brewed fresh on the premises of our Gold Medal-Winning Breweries.  Enjoy an ice cold pint, mug or giant goblet of beers that have been awarded medals at the Great American Beer Festival, all of which celebrate the changes of the seasons.

Visit one of the four Humperdinks locations in Dallas - Addison, Arlington, Greenville or Northwest Highway  - and find out why Tom McGregor of DallasBlog.com called Humperdinks a  "Texas Brewpub" when he reported about Humperdinks Gold Medal win at the Great American Beer Festival.  In his report, McGregor said:

“Few may realize it, but Texas has a strong German-American community, even in Dallas.  Hence, Texas brewers are beginning to get recognition nationwide, at least for their brewing skills.  The Houston Chronicle reports that Texas brewers took four medals in a crowded field at the Great American Beer Festival.  Texas brewpub Humperdinks Restaurant and Brewery of Dallas captured a gold medal for its Uberbrau in the American-style amber lager category.”  Read more here.

ESPN The Magazine experts ranked Humperdinks as the 23rd Greatest Sports Bar in the Universe (the only Sports Bar in Texas mentioned  thus the Dallas Best Sports Bar) stating:

“We’ve been to thousands of them - dark, dank bars with the same over-fried food, flat beer, sticky floors and TVs that never seem to have the right game on.  But every once in a while, we stumble upon a joint that makes us happy we gave up our remote for the night.  Not your average sports bar - Humperdinks Restaurant and Brewery in Dallas, Texas - can you take 100 ounce beer towers and 100-inch TVs??”  Read more here.

Addison Humperdinks


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What is it like to watch the fights at Humperdinks Restaurant & Brew Pub in Addison? Take a look at this video and see what people have to say!  Click Here To Watch!  

Addison Humperdinks

"It's always great at Humperdinks."

#25 Climb a Tower at Humperdinks.

How can 100 ounces of micro-brew beer with a floating glacier in the middle shared with Humperdinks 100oz beer tower four friends not make a great afternoon? Steer clear of your usual domestic draft and go with the Texas Blond (like a buttery Bud Light).

If you get hungry, Humperdinks has a pretty decent steak and veggies meal. And bonus: here are some other micro-brew ideas for filling it up.

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